50 RTOs in Maharashtra will be updated: Cabinet

In Maharashtra, 50 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) have undergone a significant renovation as a result of the state cabinet's decision on Wednesday. Five joint transport commissioners and four RTOs in the office of the transport commissioner were among the prominent positions that the cabinet authorised for officials. Additionally, it approved having an officer with the rank of RTO lead the RTOs in Borivli and Vasai rather than a deputy RTO.

Avinash Dhakne, state transportation commissioner, "We don't require people for field work, running around, or paperwork because the majority of RTO work is now completed online. Seniors with supervisory responsibilities are necessary, as are individuals who concentrate on office work, which is mostly computerised."

He said that the majority of important tasks, like obtaining a licence, registering a new car, granting permits, etc., were completed online. Additionally, he stated that RTO inspectors may now aim to retire as deputy RTOs, while those in senior positions can advance to joint transport commissioner, adding that promotions also help to raise their morale.

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