By 2026, the NCR will phase out diesel vehicles: the Air Quality Panel

New Delhi: In an effort to minimise vehicular pollution, the Centre's air quality body has ordered Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Haryana to exclusively register CNG and electric vehicles starting on January 1 and to finish the phase-out of diesel vehicles in the National Capital Region by the end of 2026.

On Wednesday, the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) issued an order stating that the goal was to have solely CNG and electric vehicles operate in the NCR as of January 1, 2027.

Delhi, 14 districts of Haryana, 8 districts of Uttar Pradesh, and 2 districts of Rajasthan are all included in the NCR.

The decision mandates the removal of diesel vehicles from operation in Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar, Faridabad, and Gurugram by the end of 2024.

By December 31, 2025, Sonepat, Rohtak, Jhajjar, and Baghpat would have to comply. The remainder of the NCR must be completed by the end of 2026.

In order to replace its fleet of diesel auto rickshaws with CNG ones, Delhi started a scheme in 1998. At the moment, Delhi does not have any registered diesel vehicles.

In October of last year, the Delhi Transport Department introduced a program for the registration of 4,261 e-autos.

In the capital, 40% of PM 2.5 emissions are caused by vehicles.

The CAQM announced a strategy against air pollution in July, and as of January 1 gasoline pumps would not fill up automobiles without a current pollution-under-check certificate.

Coal burning in industrial settings will also be prohibited starting in 2019.

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