Tata Motors is stepping up its R&D efforts and expanding its competence in electric vehicle battery packs.

Tata Motors, India's largest automaker, plans to boost its R&D efforts this fiscal year by employing new people and upskilling existing ones. The company wants to expand its expertise across a variety of industries, including the electric vehicle market. Tata Motors also wants to improve its knowledge of battery packs and vehicle architecture. Tata Motors is employing across multiple verticals such as advanced engineering, product development, supply chain, operations, and commercial departments at various levels as part of its growth objectives and business plans for the next few years.

To improve its skills, the company will work with other members of the group, notably Jaguar Land Rover. In an analyst call, Tata Motors President Passenger Vehicle and Electric Vehicles Shailesh Chandra said, So capabilities will not be limited to within Tata Motors, but also seeing the opportunities of synergies with JLR as well as other Tata companies, which have a lot of capability in the area of software.

Chandra stated that the company has begun building expertise in the areas of battery packs, motor design, and innovative designs in the Electric Vehicle (EV) vertical. He explained that when the company first began its EV business, it engaged an offline arrangement for installing EV powertrains, which caused capacity concerns. However, the corporation now has all of its goods integrated into its primary production line. So we can literally turn the ICE (internal combustion engine) capability into EV, Chandra explained. He also stated that Tata Motors is on track in terms of capacity.

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