Electric vehicles will be able to charge while driving thanks to a wireless charging technology being developed in the United States.

While governments throughout the world focus on constructing a comprehensive charging infrastructure, Italy, on the other side, is pioneering novel electric car charging technology. Stellantis, an Italian automaker, recently created a technique that allows any electric car to be charged without the use of a charger. The unique feature is that you will be able to charge your road car while driving. This project was recently put to the test.

For this, the corporation has installed Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) technology, which is a wireless charging system, farther down the road. It was put in a closed-circuit along the A35 Autostrada in Italy by the firm. Its trial will begin shortly. Arena del Futuro or Future Arena, is the name given to it. This road strip has a length of 1,050 meters and is powered by a 1-MW DWPT system. Two electric cars will be tested on this stretch of road.

Will get rid of the time taken in charging

The electric vehicle's low range, according to Anne-Lise Richard, Head of Stellantis Global E-Mobility, is its worst flaw. Customers are also a source of concern. This creative solution will solve the problem. In the future, we will broaden our relationship to encourage electric mobility. The Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer Technologies (DWPT) technology will provide us with a strong option for meeting the needs of our clients. Vehicles that can be charged while on the move will save a lot of time when it comes to charging.

5G connectivity will be available on the road

On this road strip, 5G connection and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will be accessible to give travelers with fast and reliable internet. The corporation also intends to invest 30 billion euros in this effort to create more advanced software technologies to boost electrification.

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