Tata Motors presents seven cutting-edge mass transportation options.

At Prawaas 3.0 in Hyderabad on Monday, Tata Motors showcased seven mass mobility options.

The Magna sleeper coach for intercity and luxurious travel was the first front-engine 13.5-meter bus in India. At the display, alternative-fuel vehicles include the Ultra Electric 9/9 bus created specifically for staff transportation.

School bus powered by Long Platform Overhang (LPO) 10.2 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Starbus Long Range CNG. The showcase also includes an adaptable Caravan with contemporary amenities that is perfect for opulent leisure vacation. With ergonomic seats and roomy configurations, the legendary Winger 9S and Magic Express, perfect for last-mile passenger transportation, offer unparalleled comfort for both the driver and the passengers.

Each of the goods on display offers the lowest possible operating costs along with the greatest efficiency and potential for profit.

The current edition of Prawaas is an honors for Tata Motors, according to Rohit Srivastava, Vice President, Product Line- Buses. This has proven to be a fantastic venue for presenting cutting-edge goods and technology while also opening up opportunities for closer cooperation between operators, business travelers, and other participants in this sector. The subject for this year is crucial because it emphasizes how important it is to use innovation and developing technologies to make sustainable transportation a reality.

Tata Motors is dedicated to the goal of developing future mobility solutions that are sustainable and clean. It has taken strong action to advance alternative fuel technologies, most recently moving toward the creation of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The business is the first automaker in India to secure an order from Indian Oil Corporation for 15 hydrogen fuel cell buses.

Tata Motors is the industry leader in battery electric transportation, having delivered more than 715 e-buses in several cities across the nation, clocking more than 40 million kilometers in total.

Additionally, the business provides the greatest selection of CNG buses across all categories, resulting in lower operating costs and greater profitability for the operators.

Fleet Edge, Tata Motors' cutting-edge digital fleet management technology, is standard equipment on the company's line of passenger and commercial vehicles. With superior control over all corporate processes, Fleet Edge offers consumers a fully connected experience.

Top-tier product lineup from Tata Motors at Prawaas 3.0:

    - Magna 13.5m sleeper coach

    - Ultra Electric 9/9

    - Starbus Long Range CNG

    - LPO 10.2 CNG AC school

    - Caravan

    - Winger 9S

    - Magic Express

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