MG Introduces Doorstep Car Maintenance And Repair Service..

The "Support on Wheels" is a component of improving Morris Garages's (MG's) network and after-sales service. Customers may take advantage of the programme to receive routine maintenance right at their door.

Professionals and qualified technicians will do the in-home service.

A new service initiative from MG Motor India named "Service On Wheels" will offer clients car repairs and maintenance right at their door.

By making an appointment using MG's online mobile application, customers can access this option. Currently, Rajkot is the only city where this service is offered; more cities are expected to be added later.

By skilled technicians, MG's new doorstep servicing program will be run. A hydraulic power pack, an air compressor with a washing pump, a digital oil dispenser, a waste oil collecting tank, and a pneumatic line with a Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) unit are just a few examples of the tools, kits, parts, and equipment that will be available in its mobile workshop. Additionally, a wheel balancer setup will be installed in the workshop car to complete all necessary maintenance.

With MG's newest program, customers will be able to do their routine maintenance in the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, MG claims that its most recent endeavor will enable it to service client cars that are located outside of the areas where it is already present.

Look at the company's news release:

With "MG Service on Wheels," MG Motor India offers car repair and maintenance at your home or workplace.

2022, Gurugram: MG Motor India launched the "MG Service on Wheels," concept to provide clients auto repair and maintenance services at the convenience of their homes. The company's dedication to offering quicker, more effective service for the comfort and convenience of its consumers is furthered through this service outreach initiative. The program's trial version was launched in Rajkot, and the business intends to expand its reach to additional upcountry areas across India in the future.

The "MG Service on Wheels" is a comprehensive package of services designed to assist clients with routine car maintenance as well as any necessary repairs and upkeep. The majority of service activities that are typically only offered in a workshop will be covered. The programme will be run by fully qualified and certified technicians with the help of MG's excellent customer care. This will strengthen the service network and increase the market's reach.

MG Motor has previously launched a number of customer-focused programs, such as "MY MG Shield" and "MG Care." A contactless repair and sanitization service will be offered to consumers at their doorstep through the "MG Maintenance" project, which will launch in 2021. MY MG Shield is a distinctive and market-leading automobile protection and care package. In the J.D. Power India Customer Service Index (CSI) 2021 Study, MG Motor earned the top spot as a reward for its innovative and distinctive offerings.

Through the use of a mobile workshop, the Service on Wheels idea will be put into action. A hydraulic scissor lift, an air compressor with a washing pump and additional space for dry washing, a digital oil dispenser, a waste oil collecting tank, and a pneumatic line with a filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) unit are all included in the mobile workshop's equipment. In addition, there are provisions for an LED bulb for lighting and a spare parts rack that is completely stacked. The workshop vehicle also has a first-aid kit, an electronic control box, and a wheel balancer with slider.

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