New Mahindra electric SUVs will have a Sport mode and more advanced amenities inside.

On August 15, the 75th anniversary of India's Independence Day, Mahindra & Mahindra will formally unveil their five electric Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). The automaker has released a new teaser film in advance of the worldwide debut, which will take place at Mahindra's new Electric Vehicle (EV) factory in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, to provide a sneak preview of what to anticipate from these EVs. Mahindra previously previewed the five future electric SUVs, which include coupes, crossovers, and big SUVs, under the Born Electric label.

The new teaser video demonstrates that in addition to standard driving modes, the electric vehicles covered under Mahindra Born Electric Vision will have Sport mode. It also suggests that it will support quick charging. Mahindra's upcoming electric SUVs will have lots of interior customization options. The front row seats are electrically adjustable and expected to include memory features, as seen in the teaser trailer. Along with other amenities, the cabin will include automated climate control, ambient lighting, and a customised music playlist.

Mahindra hinted about its future electrified SUVs last month. One of the electric SUVs features a coupe-like appearance and a body that resembles a crossover when it is seen in silhouette. One more exists, and it has a body form similar to the XUV700. The XUV400 is one of Mahindra's five brand-new electric SUVs that will be unveiled on August 15. It will be Mahindra's first electric car. The long-range version might have a driving range of 375 km whereas the normal version might have a driving range of about 200 km.

Mahindra will also present its Born Electric Vision for electric cars, including its thorough product technology, at the introduction of the electric SUVs. The XUV400 will then be unveiled in September after that. By 2027, Mahindra hopes to sell two to three electric SUVs for every ten conventional vehicles.

Recently, the Indian automaker reached a deal with British International Investment to bolster funding for the production of its forthcoming electric vehicles for India. Mahindra will establish a new electric vehicle-focused business with maximum ownership of 5% from the British corporation. Total investment for Mahindra's new electric vehicle firm will be approximately

The UK-based Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (MADE), led by the automaker's head designer Pratap Bose, is responsible for creating and designing Mahindra's upcoming electric cars.

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