Indian company's gift to the employees, will give Rs. 3 lakh on buying an electric vehicle.

During the new year, several firms throughout the country handed presents to their employees. But have you heard that any corporation will offer you a car as a gift? Jindal South West (JSW) Group, according to analysts, launched a new program in the new year to encourage its employees to purchase electric vehicles. The business stated on Monday that from January 1, its employees across India would be eligible for a cash incentive of up to Rs 3 lakh.

New year gifts

According to sources in the media, JSW unveiled its latest green initiative, the JSW Electric Vehicle Policy, on Monday in order to promote electric vehicles in India. The corporation would pay staff Rs 3 lakh to buy four-wheeler and two-wheeler electric automobiles under this scheme. Furthermore, throughout JSW Group's offices and factories, free electric car charging stations and parking spaces will be established for all workers. As can be seen, this is a minor attempt in India to encourage electric automobiles.

Electric vehicle

People are moving more towards electric vehicles as the price of gasoline and diesel continues to rise. In this environment, the introduction of electric vehicles to the market has become a topic of continual debate. Electric vehicles may potentially be a viable choice in light of rising pollution levels. People may now go a long distance with this car by charging it in a few hours.

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