India has unveiled an awesome little electric car with a 200-kilometer range.

EV company PMV Electric, located in Mumbai, has introduced the Eas-E, its first electric vehicle, to the Indian market. The cheapest electric vehicle in the nation is the nano-sized PMV Eas-E EV. For the PMV EaS-E electric car, PMV Electric has already received almost 6,000 pre-orders. A token payment of Rs 2,000 is required to reserve this little electric car online for interested purchasers.

2,915mm in length, 1,1157mm in width and 1,600mm in height make up the PMV EaS-E. Its wheelbase is 2,087mm as well. This small electric vehicle has a 170mm ground clearance and a 550 kg curb weight.

This electric vehicle has unique appearance, including LED light bars and rounded headlights. Just over the tail lights is another light bar.

Aspects of the PMV Eas-E EV

A number of high-end equipment, including a digital infotainment system, air conditioning, remote keyless entry and remote park assist, cruise control, and airbags, are included in the new model. This Mini EV has remote-controlled windows, lights, and horn. This electric vehicle also has over-the-air update support and regenerative braking. Additionally, it has a number of driving modes, hands-free operation, Bluetooth connectivity, onboard navigation, access to the music controls, and telephony control on smartphones that are connected.

Range and battery of the PMV Eas-E EV

A 48B battery powers the PMV EaS-E. Additionally, there are three range options: 120 km, 160 km, and 200 km. This little electric vehicle has a peak speed of 70 kmph.

PMV Eas-E EV charging

In less than 4 hours, this EV may be completely charged. You may charge it using any 15A outlet. The greatest power and torque this EV can produce are 13 bhp and 50 nm, respectively. Additionally, it takes just 5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph.

Price of PMV Eas-E EV

In India, the PMV Eas-E EV costs Rs. 4.79 lakhs. This cost is shown as ex-showroom. Keep in mind that this is an opening-day discount that only applies to the first 100 clients.

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