See how safe this automobile is in a collision test with a Rs 30 lakh SUV that is in poor condition?

Recently, the new Hyundai Tucson model was introduced in India. There are several safety features in this SUV. If you also intend to purchase this SUV, learn about its safety features. The 2022 Hyundai Tucson recently received a zero grade in the Latin NCAP crash test for its dual front airbag arrangement. It's interesting to note that the Hyundai Tucson from the previous generation also received a failing grade in the Latin NCAP crash test last year. Unexpectedly, the latest Hyundai Tucson received a 5-star safety rating in a previous Euro NCAP crash test. Latin NCAP is the organisation that examines the safety ratings of vehicles for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Low rating for children.

The new generation Hyundai Tucson was subjected to two Latin NCAP tests. The SUV version with six airbags received a three-star safety rating, whereas the SUV with dual front airbags received a zero-star rating. The adult dual airbag-equipped Hyundai Tucson received a score of 20.09, or 50.23% of the possible points. However, the child only received a score of 5.34%. During the frontal impact test, the driver's and passenger's head, neck, and chest protection was satisfactory.

Driver and Passenger Feet Are Fairly Safe.

According to Latin NCAP, in crash tests, the Hyundai Tucson demonstrated just marginal knee protection for the driver and passenger. For the driver and passenger's feet, however, appropriate and good safety was observed during this time. The new Tucson SUV's bodyshell received a stable rating, and the side impact test revealed good head, chest, abdominal, and back safety.

SUV safety has been improved.

Airbags 6 In the Latin NCAP crash test, the latest generation Hyundai Tucson with 6 airbags performed much better and was given a three-star safety rating. It did not, however, perform as well as the European market-concept model. In this, the adult safety score was 32.64, or 81.61% of all possible points, while the kid safety score was 69.53% of all possible points.

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