For hybrid vehicles, DSM and Renault will create lighter fuel tanks.

DSM's high-performance, low-carbon-footprint PA6 material, Akulon Fuel Lock, is utilised to provide a lightweight fuel tank solution for hybrid vehicles. The substance enables the construction of gasoline tanks with single-layer, blow-moulded constructions that save weight and expense without sacrificing safety or running the danger of extra emissions.

With the low permeability necessary to comply with European Union requirements, single-layer fuel tanks may be made out of DSM's Akulon Fuel Lock material. Regulations from the European Union limit carbon emissions from passenger cars to 95g/km at the most, necessitating careful material and design balancing to achieve the highest possible fuel economy.

DSM claims that the Akulon Fuel Lock PA6 grades are made for extrusion, injection, or blow moulding and are incredibly adaptable for quick design innovation in the e-mobility space. In reality, the parison stability is exceptionally high, allowing for very thin wall thickness distributions and robust performance at both high and low temperatures, both of which guarantee safety.

The Global Account Manager for DSM stated, “We will continue to prioritise this key sector as we continue to grow our portfolio of high-performance solutions, such as our bio-based Fuel Lock polymers. We want to assist more of our clients in achieving their environmental objectives. I'm excited about it. ”

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