How to check your car's engine oil level

In modern automobiles, engine oil typically needs to be changed after 10,000 kilometres or more. The longer an engine runs, the more traffic there is, and the slower average speed that results. Increased oil consumption could be the outcome, especially in older vehicles. Reduced oil levels in the engine can damage a motor's internal workings, which could be quite expensive to fix.

It is advised to check the engine oil level a few times every few weeks to prevent this from happening. Here's how to check your car's engine oil level.

Let the engine cool down

When the engine is running, it gets really warm. In that circumstance, it is not advisable to check the engine oil. Let the engine cool down for at least 10-15 minutes before checking the oil level on a completely cold engine. This will enable all of the oil from different engine components to gather in the lower oil pan. Additionally, it aids in a slight reduction in oil temperature.

Park the car on a levelled ground

Before checking the engine oil, park the car on a flat surface. Avoid parking it on a ramp or any other uneven surface since the car's tilt can cause inaccurate engine oil level readings.

Take out and clean the yellow dipstick

The yellow dipstick cover, which is often located in the centre of the engine compartment, can be seen after opening the car's bonnet. Take that out, then clean it with a fresh cloth. Avoid using a dirty, unclean, or wet cloth to dip the dipstick because doing so could damage the engine's internal components.

Insert it and take it out

After cleaning it, fully reinstall the dipstick and give yourself a moment before removing it. Between the lowest or low and maximum or high markings, look for the oil mark.

Top up if required

If the engine oil level is lower than necessary, top it off and use the oil grade that the manufacturer recommends to prevent damage to the engine component. Additionally, don't top off the oil above the OEM suggested amount.

How to check engine oil level in a car

Step 1 : First, let the engine to cool.

Step 2 : Place the car in a level parking space.

Step 3 : Remove and wash the yellow dipstick.

Step 4 : Insert and remove it.

Step 5 : Top off as necessary.

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