How can I convert a business car to a private one? Know this

Are you considering buying a used car? We frequently come across used vehicles that are registered for business use when searching online. However, many people hesitate to purchase the vehicles since they are professionally registered for use as taxis. However, it is feasible to purchase a commercial vehicle and turn it into a personal vehicle.

Commercial passenger cars are frequently offered at a cheap price and occasionally in pretty good condition, so taking specific procedures and spending a little money might get you a really fantastic deal.

The owner who wishes to have the registration changed to a private one may submit RTO Form ACC (Application for Surrender of Permit and Clearance Certificate) and a letter of application to the responsible RTO .

He or she must present a copy of the registration certificate, insurance, ID, and address evidence in addition to the previously stated papers. Additionally, if the car was acquired via bank financing, A bank No Objection Certificate (NOC) must be presented.

The owner of the vehicle may seek for a re-registration as a private one when the RTO cancels the commercial registration of the vehicle and issues a NOC. For this, he or she must deposit the appropriate amount of road tax along with the necessary paperwork, including identification and address proof, a copy of the PAN card, photographs, a NOC for the acceptance of a cancellation permit, Form 20 for registration, Form 35 (applicable if the NOC is hypothecated to the financier), an insurance policy, an invoice, and proof that the excise duty was fully paid without a rebate. The Vahan portal's online functionality enables completion of the procedure as well.

How to convert a commercial vehicle into a private one?

    Step 1:  Apply for cancellation of the commercial permit.

    Step 2: Obtain a certificate of cancellation and NOC for the permission.

    Step 3: Apply for re-registration and include documentation of cancellation.

Although certain offers on used commercial cars may be alluring, it is always crucial to inspect the vehicle's condition before signing on the dotted line. Commercial cars have often been driven for a longer period of time than private ones, but if the previous owner kept the vehicle well, it might still be a wonderful deal.

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