You must abide by this guideline if you wish to keep your previous number in the new vehicle.

The State Car Transaction Department has requested feedback from the general public addressing any concerns they may have with the draught guidelines that were previously issued regarding the transfer of an old vehicle number to a new vehicle. which the regulations will be finalised and put into effect after July 4. According to the notification of the draught rules, it will be necessary for the owner of the car to purchase a new vehicle and submit an application for registration within 90 days in order to keep the current number. The ownership of the number acquired in the auction will be immediately cancelled for the old car at a higher cost if the new vehicle is not purchased within 90 days.

The number of used vehicles would remain the same within 90 days, according to the draught rules notification issued by R Vibhat, Deputy Secretary, Vehicle Transactions Department. However, the government must pay a charge of up to Rs 80,000 to obtain the same number in a new car! For new cars other than those with two or three wheels, it is proposed to charge Rs 40,000 for 30 days, Rs 60,000 for 30–60 days, and Rs 80,000 for 60–90 days for using the existing vehicle number in the golden category.

Three of these numbers make up Golden. Similarly, proposed costs range from Rs 8,000 to Rs 16,000 for various categories and from 15000 to 30000 for the silver level. For registering a new vehicle in a four wheeler, such as a two wheeler or three wheeler, the old number will carry a costly fee.

Prior to July 4, stakeholders, citizens, and owners of vehicles who purchased lots in the high auction may submit objections to the State Vehicle Transaction Department regarding the draught rules of notification that include these fee rates. These objections will affect both the duty rates and the rules.

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