Electric automobile with a range of 1000 km and seating for eight people.

Fresco, a Norwegian EV firm, has unveiled an electric vehicle that can seat up to eight passengers. Not only that, but its most notable feature will be its ability to travel up to 1000 kilometers on a single charge. Fresco XL is the moniker given by Fresco Motors to this vehicle. It has the appearance of a stylish sedan but the features of a minivan or MPV.

The Fresco XL has four electric motors, according to the manufacturer. It also includes a two-way charging connector and a big battery with a 1,000 km range. The corporation hasn't revealed anything about the electric vehicle. At the moment, only one video has been shared on social media sites. One can predict what is in the production version based on this.

The business has begun taking orders for the XL electric automobile, which costs 100,000 euros. The cost is Rs 86 lakh. Aspen Qualvik, the startup's founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and chairman, designed the eight-seater electric car. He previously stated that the XL electric car offers a fresh design language that is distinct from the old sedan-type design. He referred to this electric vehicle as a 'Fresh Breath of Air.'

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