Bosch and Volkswagen are collaborating to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicle.

Bosch and Volkswagen's Cariad will collaborate to provide partially and fully autonomous driving capabilities to Volkswagen vehicles. As part of their partnership, the two businesses are creating a cutting-edge software platform.

According to Cariad Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dirk Hilgenberg, autonomous driving is the key to the industry's future. Through our collaboration, we will boost Germany's reputation for innovation, he stated. Bosch and Cariad will expand their experience in the creation of cutting-edge technology. This demonstrates our determination to provide the finest answers to our consumers as quickly as feasible.

Cariad's standardized hands-free driving software will facilitate autonomy in all of Volkswagen's privately-used vehicle classes, across all of its brands, and may be utilized by other automakers in the future.

The hands-free technology will begin with Level 2 autonomy for specific urban, extra-urban, and highway driving situations before extending to encompass all highway driving duties.

Joint development goals for Level 4 autonomy and cars that drive door-to-door without human intervention will also be researched and assessed.

Together with Cariad, we will now accelerate the market introduction of partially and highly automated driving capabilities across all vehicle classes, making them available to everyone, stated Markus Heyn, a member of the Bosch board of management. This will make driving safer and more relaxing on the roadways.

The partners intend to employ 360-degree sensing to acquire enough hard road data to deal with unusual events such as swerves, highway mishaps, or steep turns in order to educate artificial intelligence to travel autonomously.

Traffic will be continually observed in order to input real-time human steering patterns into the AI system, and according to Bosch experts, the amount of data acquired will be critical.

Additional high-resolution layers for localization, as well as longitudinal and lateral positioning, will be built by developers.

Road traffic is the finest testing ground for the development of autonomous driving, said Dr. Mathias Pilin, president of Bosch Cross-Domain Computing Solutions. By working together, we can test automated driving functionalities in actual vehicles on a larger scale and apply them more swiftly. Our engineering effort will be done together, with Bosch and Cariad working as one team. There has never been a more powerful coalition in the automobile sector.

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