Before you change your car, be sure you understand the laws; else, you'll face a hefty punishment.

If you're considering about getting your automobile or bike customized, you should be aware of this information. Because, in the process of having the car customized, they frequently disregard traffic laws. As a result, you will be required to pay large challans in the future. Vishal Dabur, an Indore grain merchant, experienced something similar.

Vishal had, in fact, changed the color of his BMW luxury automobile. Aside from that, the car has undergone some modest modifications. When the Indore Police learned of this, they arrested Vishal Dabur and confiscated his challan.

Vishal Dabur, a grain merchant, purchased this BMW automobile in Haryana. Following that, he had the car's original color modified to a metallic one. During the modification in Delhi, Vishal Dabur stated that the merchant informed him that it was illegal. The color of the car was changed for a total of 48 thousand rupees.

Piyapari's video about this BMW automobile became viral, in which he was seen arguing that traffic rules aren't as harsh here and that breaking them makes no difference. Following that, the traffic police examined the viral video after learning about it, and subsequently found the vehicle and took action against it.

This vehicle didn't have a license plate when the cops pulled it over. After that, he received his invoice. In addition, because it was an out-of-state vehicle, the car was seized. Aside from that, a letter to the Haryana RTO was used to obtain information about tax payments.


Already subtracted Vishal's Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft (BMW) automobile has already been panelized, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Mahesh Chandra Jain. Vishal's challan was first deducted since he had black film installed and did not have a standard number plate. At the same moment, a challan was issued for the second time for drink and drive. Despite this, Vishal was leaving the Khajrana region in an unregistered vehicle. As a result, this step has been taken once more. The vehicle has been seized this time.

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