Audi India intends to bring in additional items in order to grow the market.

According to a corporate representative, German luxury automobile maker Audi intends to boost the country's market by bringing in additional models and extending its sales network across the country. In the nation, the business now produces four internal combustion (IC) vehicles: two SUVs and two sedans.

Currently, the organisation has 60 touch points around the country. We will bring in additional goods and build the network to develop the market in the nation, Audi India Head Balbir Singh Dhillon said. He also stated that the company has enough capacity at its Aurangabad factory to handle demand for the next five years.

The four models in the nation are constructed at the facility after being delivered in completely-knocked-down (CKD) form, whilst other models are imported immediately. In 2021, the business sold 3,293 vehicles, representing a 101% increase over 2020.

Dhillon, speaking on the Russia-Ukraine crisis and parts scarcity, stated that the current conflict in East Europe may affect the supply chain because many components are imported from Ukraine. We don't want to be number one in sales, he continued, but we do want to pursue a sustainable business plan.

In terms of electric car sales, Dhillon stated that the firm has already released five electric vehicles (EV) in the country. By 2025, the business expects EVs to account for 15% of its global sales. It also intends to discontinue sales of combustion-engine vehicles by 2033 and begin selling solely EV versions. According to Dhillon, all new generation automobiles will be electrified by 2026. If we acquire respectable numbers, we would only be able to start assembling EVs in India, he continued. From April 2020, the corporation will no longer offer diesel vehicles.

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