Tires for electric two-wheelers are introduced by Ceat.

The EnergyRide EV, which the tyre company Ceat claims are India's first tyres for electric two-wheelers, went on sale on Wednesday. This selection of tyres is specifically made for electric two-wheelers, as the tyre manufacturer says. It asserts that there are significant differences between electric scooters and scooters powered by internal combustion engines in terms of their attributes and performance. As a result, electric scooters require a special pair of tyres. According to Ceat, EnergyRide Electric Vehicle (EV) is built to enhance the efficiency of EV scooters and tyres.

Compared to their internal combustion engine-powered competitors, electric scooters have more torque. When the rider turns on the scooter, the greater torque is immediately available. The torque and weight of this vehicle are too much for conventional two-wheeler tyres to handle. The tyre maker asserts that their EnergyRide EV line of tyres features a special "Circuit Design" that, through enhanced water channelling, improves grip in high torque and quick acceleration. Additionally, it makes the claim that it equally distributes the force applied to the tyres, preventing tyre damage and extending tyre life.

The EnergyRide EV tyres, according to Ceat, include a unique rolling resistance composition that lessens energy waste when moving. According to the manufacturer, an electric scooter may conserve energy and achieve the needed longer range thanks to the decreased rolling resistance offered by EneryRide EV tyres.

Arnab Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ceat, stated in a statement regarding the debut of the tyre that EnergyRide EV tyres solve the two key issues that electric scooter customers have: safety and range anxiety. "At CEAT, we make a point of getting to know our customers, and the EnergyRide EV tyres solve the two primary issues that owners of electric scooters have: safety and range anxiety. We created EnergyRide EV to control the electric scooters' instantaneous acceleration while making sure the tyre life is not jeopardised. Our low rolling resistance material also answers the issues of range anxiety that many EV customers now suffer," He went on to say.

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