Soon to Be Released All-New Royal Enfield Bullet 350 - New Engine, Chassis, Features & More

With the release of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 motorbike in 2020, Royal Enfield debuted the J-series platform. A year later, Royal Enfield modified the J-Series platform-based Classic 350 motorbike.

The Royal Enfield bikes improved in every quantifiable and observable characteristic thanks to this new platform.

Recently, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 motorbike was also built on this new J-series chassis. The two-wheeler manufacturer Royal Enfield has also released a few teasers that hint at the launch of the new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorcycle in India. One of the teaser videos was shot with a background poster containing the words "Bullet Meri Jaan." Royal Enfield is currently preparing to launch the new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in the nation.

Making the new Bullet motorbike requires Royal Enfield to take a little more care than it does with existing Royal Enfield models. Because it is one of the oldest motorbike nameplates in the world and the model has a devoted following in the nation, there are "emotional" limitations rather than any technical ones.

It is essential for Royal Enfield to make adjustments and improvements to a motorbike with such a rich history without significantly affecting the "Soul" of the machine.

Starting with the design, it can be claimed that the business has made improvements to the motorbike but very subtly from the few leaked photos of the impending new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorcycle. This means that Royal Enfield's designers kept the motorcycle's original design elements, such the single-piece stepped seat and the retro-style headlights and tail lights. These qualities have also been changed to work with the new motorbike. A highly dominating upright seating posture, which has been a feature of the Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike since it was first launched by the firm in 1931, will also be present on the new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorcycle in addition to these improvements.

The upcoming updated model of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorcycle will be built on this new platform and include a few contemporary features, such as a new double cradle frame, new suspension configuration, improved braking components, and switchgear from the previous Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Royal Enfield Meteor 350 motorcycles.

The 349cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected petrol engine that drives the outgoing J-series Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Royal Enfield Meteor 350 bikes will be used to power the future, all-new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 motorbike.

Peak power output for this engine is 20.2bhp, and peak torque is 27Nm. Additionally, this engine has a 5-speed transmission, just like previous motorcycles in the Royal Enfield J-series. We are unsure, nevertheless, if Royal Enfield has adjusted the gear ratios for the motorbike Bullet.

We anticipate that the forthcoming version of the Bullet 350 motorbike will be equipped with an electronic starter as standard equipment, unlike the outgoing model. A single-channel ABS, front disc brakes, telescopic front suspension, gas-charged rear suspension, and a basic analogue instrument dashboard will also be included in the next model of the Royal Enfield 350 motorbike, in addition to these additional features.

But we don't anticipate seeing features like the "Tripper" module on the new model to control costs. Dual-channel ABS may, however, be an add-on option.

Ideas Regarding The New Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Motorcycle

While the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 cannot smash sales records, it does preserve the brand's history. Therefore, maintaining the "Bullet" moniker is essential for the business in many ways. Therefore, the introduction of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in 2022 represents much more for the nation's two-wheeler manufacturer located in Chennai than merely the launch of a "profit-making" model.

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