Just Rs 10 for a 100 Km journey! Choose anybody you want, and your scooter will run easily!

Komaki Electric Scooter: Gujarat is now in the midst of election season. Every party keeps promising and guaranteeing free returns. However, no one is claiming that growing gasoline and diesel costs will be brought under control. Therefore, we are recommending a scooter to you today in order to address this issue. You can choose any party, but your scooter won't break down in the middle of the road, and your task will be finished for just Rs 10.

The well-known electric two-wheeler manufacturer Komaki Electric has introduced the Komaki Flora, a new scooter, to the Indian market. The unique feature is that this scooter was introduced in the low-cost category. The business has maintained its pricing at Rs 79,000. There are four distinct colour choices available at launch. The unique feature of this scooter is that it costs just Rs 10 to travel 100 km. The battery is simple to remove.

Despite being affordable, this scooter has a really fashionable appearance. Round headlights in addition to chrome have been added to the vehicle. It includes a supportive seat and an extra back rest for the passenger in back. Additionally, it includes a flat foot board and two footrests.

Regarding the scooter's features, they include a colourful dashboard, a self-diagnostic metre with reverse gear, parking, and cruise control. There are a total of four colour choices for it: Black, Red, Gray, and Green. Drum brakes are installed in the back and disc brakes up front. The scooter has an 80 km to 100 km range, according to the manufacturer. Can provide an operating range of up to Komaki asserts that it will require 1.8 to 2 units to completely charge the battery. Even if we use Rs 5 as the unit price, Rs 10 will get you 100 km.

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