Ola Electric said it has sent e-scooters to all buyers and plans to launch the next buying window'very shortly.'

Ola Electric has sent its electric scooters to all customers who have ordered them, and the next purchase window will open very shortly, according to Ola Chairman and Group Executive Officer Bhavish Aggarwal on Friday. The business, which had entered the green mobility industry in August this year with the introduction of two electric scooters, S1 and S1 Pro, priced at Rs 99,999 and Rs 1,29,999, respectively, had postponed delivery schedules for its much awaited goods claiming a global semiconductor scarcity issue.

Following the launch of bookings at Rs 499, the business first expected to begin delivery in October, but this was moved back to November, and then again to the second part of December. We have shipped automobiles to all customers who ordered in December. Some are in transit, while the majority are already at distribution centers near you completing the RTO registration procedure, Aggarwal stated this in a tweet. The registration procedure took longer than we anticipated because a 100% digital approach is new for everyone, he added.

Aggarwal expressed gratitude to all Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) for collaborating with the firm holidays to set up this new digital procedure. "We learned a lot about different RTO systems and rules across states. In the future, registration will be faster! Also, keep an eye out for the next buying window, which will open very shortly!! " Aggarwal did not provide any information on the number of units sold. However, when Ola Electric launched its online purchasing procedure in September, Aggarwal announced that the company sold scooters worth more than Rs 600 crore on the first day of sales.

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