New muscular bike from electric two-wheeler company Eko Tejas E-Dyroth

By releasing its first muscle bike, the "E-Dyroth," EV company Ekotejas has entered the high-speed motorbike market. The bike is already up for pre-order, and starting in December, it will be sold in the markets.

The battery, controller, and cluster of the smart car are all seamlessly integrated, and it includes a tone of other smart features for a pleasurable driving experience.

A number of services, including alerts and point-to-point navigation, will be available on the dash board thanks to the vehicle's connection to the rider's mobile phone. For the finest driving experience appropriate for all sorts of roads, the dashboard creates a smooth link with the battery, power train, and rider's mobile phone.

One battery can carry you 150 kilometres on a single charge.

Additionally, it features a space for a second spare battery, allowing the pilot to run for 300 kilometers continuously.

The vehicle's 4 Kilowatt high RPM mid drive motor will enable it to reach a peak speed of 100 kmph.

We are pleased to introduce the first muscle bike in India. This motorcycle boasts a smart automation system with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and call notification.

This is the most cutting-edge technology that has yet been found in EV bike sectors. Our goal is to instil an eco-friendly fervor in today's youngsters when they acquire E-Dyroth, Director K Venkatesh Teja was quoted by Eko Tejas.

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