MoveOS 3 Is Released By Ola For Their Scooters.

All of the current scooters have received the MoveOS 3 software upgrade from Ola Electric. The OS will be gradually sent out to all 1 lakh+ subscribers within a week.

Software Update History for Ola

Deliveries started in December after the scooters' August 2021 MoveOS 1 debut. The second iteration of the OS, which included features like Cruise Control, Speaker access, and improved range, was released by Ola in less than seven months. Today Ola stated that they will be releasing their greatest upgrade yet, which would include more than 50 changes to the scooter.

According to past performance, Ola is the only EV manufacturer in the nation to have released two significant software upgrades in a single year. This is also the largest software update, which will be distributed to more than 1 lakh scooters, given the number of Ola scooters now operating on Indian roads.

Big Updates

Even if Ola claims there have been more than 50 feature upgrades or tweaks, it would be impossible to list them all here. All those that are noteworthy and have a direct bearing on the user experience will be shared.


Hypercharging is the first significant upgrade that will have an effect on consumers. Now at fast speeds, the Ola S1 and S1 Pro can be hypercharged. With the hypercharger, the scooter can be charged to a 50 km range in just 15 minutes. Three regen options are now available to users, and they may be chosen from the scooter menu. Different amounts of lever-less braking are available in each setting. similar to vehicle driving without pedals. The Ola S1 and S1 Pro will have Hill Hold assistance, a first for scooters. Users can use the brakes when the scooter senses that they are on an uphill and then release them (upward).

This feature is currently under beta testing, and the complete release will happen over time. The scooter also has a vacation mode, in which you may leave it for over 200 days without the battery discharging completely.


There are also a lot of improvements in terms of convenience. Users cannot view their papers on the scooter's screen by uploading them to the app. Additionally, Bluetooth calling is now available, and calls may be answered using the built-in speakers and microphone. With the updated OS, the warning LEDs have also been turned on.

A few entertaining and peculiar characteristics are also included. Riders may now choose from a variety of scooter moods to customise the appearance of their display. The Eclipse mood was already present on the scooters, and the Bolt and Vintage moods will be added soon. In the party mode, the scooter transforms into a party machine and flashes its lights in time with the music.

Utilize Features

My opinion is that the Ola scooters now have proximity lock and unlock, which is a really crucial feature. The scooter will automatically unlock once the user's phone, which has been set up with the scooter, is in close vicinity. It locks itself whenever the user steps away and moves 8 to 10 feet away. You may now create user profiles if you have numerous riders at your house. The master user can specify speed limitations, geo-fencing, and other parameters inside the profiles.

We won't be able to do justice in discussing every aspect of MoveOS 3 in one article because it is a significant update. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for a thorough video on it that we will be posting soon.

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