Manufacturer of electric two-wheelers Ather Energy to increase output.

Ather Energy, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, announced on Friday that it will increase production at its facilities in order to shorten the wait time for its goods. The business anticipates a 30% to 50% reduction in waiting times as a result.

"Working with our supplier partners to strengthen our supply chain has been our top priority over the past several quarters. In order to not only fulfil the current demand but also to clear the substantial order book, we now think we have turned the corner and are considering a very quick scale-up." Ravneet S. Phokela, the company's chief business officer, stated.

According to him, a significant waiting period reduction would result from manufacturing ramping up. In December 2021, Ather opened their second production plant in Hosur at a cost of Rs 500 crore.

In the current financial year, Phokela predicted that with these efforts, "our month-to-month ramp-up will be about 20% to 25%, enabling us to reach 5x growth in year-over-year volumes."

According to the statement, the company's recent efforts to improve the supply chain and strategic investments to expand its manufacturing operations are what led to the reduction in waiting times.

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