Kratos, an electric bike made in India, is on its way and will make a great impression.

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing. At the same time, in view of the demand of customers in the new year, the Indian EV market has also decided to launch new electric vehicles. Let us tell you that another electric bike is going to be launched in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market this month. This bike will be a completely made in India electric motorcycle. Electric bike maker Torque Motors is ready to launch the made in India e-bike T6X (TORK T6X) by the end of this month.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular. Simultaneously, in response to client demand in the new year, the Indian EV industry has opted to offer new electric vehicles. Please inform us that another electric bike will be released in the EV market this month. This will be an entirely Indian-made electric motorbike. According to analysts, Tork Motors is preparing to introduce the manufactured in India e-bike T6X before the end of this month. This bike's name has been changed to- Kratos.

when will be the delivery Done?

According to media sources, the Kratos e-bike, which will be presented by the end of this month, would be India's first vertically integrated electric bike. Tork Motors stated that delivery of the bike might begin within a few months after its introduction. After years of intense study and success, we are all prepared to present India's first electric motorbike - the Kratos, says Kapil Shelke, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Torque Motors. In compared to the T6X, it will be an entirely different motorbike.

Fantastic electric vehicles will come this year?

According to analysts, several firms, including Komaki and Okinawa, will debut new and best electric vehicles in the market this year, in addition to Torque Motors in India. These will comprise e-scooters as well as e-bikes. Whose attributes will be distinct from those of earlier cars. Customers will have a more pleasant trip as a result of this.

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