Faster versions of its electric two-wheelers, iVOOMi releases new EV bike.

New Delhi: For customers in India, EV manufacturer iVOOMi Energy has unveiled new versions of its model S1 e-scooters with greater speed.

According to an official report, the most recent series of S1 high-speed e-scooters will be offered in three gorgeous colours: Peacock Blue, Night Maroon, and Dusky Black, with prices starting at Rs 69,999 and going as high as Rs 1,21,000.

Sunil Bansal, MD and Co-Founder of iVOOMi Energy, stated in a statement that "with our S1 series, our major goal was to match the ergonomics of the Indian riders to the greatest possible standards and produce a wonder that would guide everyone towards the adoption of e-vehicles."

The S1 240 electric scooter boasts a 240 km driving range, a double battery pack of 4.2 kWh, and a 2.5 kW engine for further torque.

The article further stated that the S1 80 e-scooter is propelled by a 2.5kW hub-mounted motor that is expected to reach peak speeds of 55 kmph. Additionally, the S1 will come with three riding modes: Eco, Rider, and Sport.

The newest versions also include features like "Find my Ride," which has a GPS tracker and monitoring system to ensure vehicle security and make it simple to locate in congested areas like market squares and parking lots for malls, among other places.

According to the article, clients will be able to purchase the S1 series of electric two-wheelers starting on December 1 at any of the iVOOMi stores.

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