India's electric Bharatmala ride links the country's EV ecosystem.

Orxa Energies, a Bengaluru-based firm, developed 'StartupnREV' with other partners for the Electric Bharatmala, an around-India journey. The trip was intended to solve hurdles in India's quest to improve electric mobility, and their flagship electric two-wheeler completed 13,510 km in 54 days, breaking the previous record of 12,379 miles by an electric motorbike.

The journey, which began on February 4 in Bengaluru, ended on March 29 when the cyclists returned to their starting point. The cyclists passed through 20 states and two Union Territories. The motorcycles were ridden along the coast that borders the Bay of Bengal, across the foothills of the towering Himalayas, through the extreme heat of the Thar desert and the Rann of Kutch, down the coast that borders the Arabian Sea, and winding down the Western Ghats. The journey was powered by seven firms that banded together to overcome the barriers to electric transportation adoption in India.

Orxa Energies, a startup aiming high in the realm of electric mobility and battery solutions, has announced the imminent debut of The Mantis, an all-electric motorcycle. Bolt, a firm that has been essential in the installation of electric car charging stations around the city and nation, is one of the ride's collaborators.

As a result of the trip, 68 new Bolt charging stations have been installed in 17 smaller cities such as Forbesganj, Sangrur, Sitapur, and Vapi. These charging stations are now available to the public, allowing the electric revolution to spread into smaller cities and villages.

In the Northeast, EV charging stations were also installed in Darjeeling, Dimapur, Cherrapunji, Cooch Behar, and Guwahati, contributing to the infrastructure needed to push the government's aim of a mass-scale move to electric transportation in the near future. "From broken components to Electric Vehicle (EV) repair and battery changes, SpareIt guaranteed that the Mantis's were ride-ready throughout the 54 days", adds Romi Chugh, SpareIt Co-Founder.

According to Ranjita Ravi, Co-Founder of Orxa Energies, "if green charging, which includes sun charging of batteries, becomes popular in India, the EV ecosystem in India would reach a new level".

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