If you make the motorbike electronic, you would have to invest Rs. 35,000.

The global trend for electric vehicles is now clearly seen in India, and new businesses are introducing numerous good electric automobiles to the market. The most important purpose is to safeguard the ecosystem from harm. However, the growing expense of gasoline and diesel fuel is also a key factor driving the adoption of electric cars.

In India, there is a rising interest in electric cars. If you want to build an electric motorbike, you would need to pay Rs. 35,000. The EV kit must be put in the motorcycle, which will cost Rs. 95,000.


The electric car removes the expense of your gasoline-diesel vehicle, and you may now convert your present vehicle to an electric vehicle as well. All you need is an electric vehicle kit. This conversion kit includes a fuel-powered engine. Whereas the car's EV conversion kit was unveiled a few weeks ago. So, last month, the electric kit for bikes was released. Gogo, a Thane-based EV firm, has developed the first EV conversion kit for a single motorcycle. Which has been approved by the RTO. If you want to turn your motorbike electric in India, you would have to spend Rs 35,000, plus Rs 6300 in GST. This kit is backed by a three-year guarantee. Aside from that, you must charge your motorbike for 151 kilometres every charge. This would set you back Rs 95,000 for the entire battery pack.

Battery pack 2.8 kW-R

Gogo 1 has deployed installation configurations on 36 RTOs around the nation, and this figure is expected to grow significantly in the near future. Because it has received RTO approval. The bike will also be insured, with the value decided by the condition of the two-wheeler. In which your two-registration wheeler's number will not change. The green licence plate, on the other hand, will very certainly be discovered. This electric vehicle conversion kit includes a 2.8 kW-R battery pack. Which will be powered by a brushless electric motor rated at 2 kW. Currently, a Hero Splendor in electric form has been introduced.

A single charge provides a range of 151 KM

The Hero Splendor is outfitted with Bajaj Pulsar brakes and shoes. This electric marvel has a power output of 2.4 horsepower and a max torque of 63 Nm. The maximum power, however, may be boosted to 6.2 horsepower.

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