Because gasoline is becoming more expensive, demand for e-bikes has soared.

People's hearts have been broken by the rising price of gasoline. The demand for e-bikes has risen as a result of this predicament. In comparison to last year, more than 371 registrations were completed in the state this year. Only 1746 people registered e-bikes last year, but 8233 people bought them this year.

At the same time, due to the steady increase in the price of gasoline, the registration of motorcycles and scooters has been declining over the past two years. In the year 2019-20, 12.4 lakh scooters and bikes were registered. Only 8.38 lakh automobiles have been registered so far in 2021-22. School and college students choose e-bikes. Indore had the highest number of e-bike registrations this year, with 1899 e-bikes registered. In Gwalior, 406 e-bikes have been registered, while in Bhopal, 723 have been registered, and in Jabalpur, 275 have been registered. According to Additional Transport Commissioner Arvind Saxena, the government is encouraging e-bikes and providing a lifetime tax exemption. As a result, e-bike registrations are on the rise.

As prices rise, so does demand for e-bikes:

The price of gasoline and diesel used to rise in a matter of months, but that is no longer the case. The price of gasoline and fuel is rising every day. Although the city's people have had relief for the past few days, no one knows how many days it has been. In such a setting, consumers are increasingly opting for e-bikes over traditional bicycles. This e-bike is particularly popular among ladies and girls, as it maintains a consistent speed while also being less expensive than gasoline.

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