The country's first electric scooter without a battery, it is also inexpensive and requires no charging.

Start-up for electric transportation In Bengaluru, 'Bounce' introduced its first electric scooter, the 'Bounce Infinity E1'. For the first time in India, a scooter like this does not have a battery and does not even need to be charged. In addition, the Bounce electric scooter has been developed. This electric scooter is available from Bounce for Rs.45099 (Ex-showroom). You may reserve it by paying a deposit of just $499. By the end of March, it should be available through the dealership network and online platform.

Know what is Battery Age A Service

The Bounce Infinity e1 is the first scooter of its sort in the Indian market, according to Bounce chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vivekananda. Battery as a service option is available. Customers do not have to be concerned about charging the scooter because it lacks a battery. On its side, it is also supplying the capability of battery sweeping. Customers will have to pay to have an empty battery swapped out for a fully charged battery on the network. When compared to traditional petrol scooters, this will save up to 40% on costs.

What are the features of Bounce Infinity

Bounce Infinity is also available with a battery. You may easily take the battery out of the scooter and charge it at your home or business. The battery and charger are included in the price of Rs.68999 (Ex- showroom). The 2 kW Infinity Removal Battery is available. It has a range of 85 kilometers and can operate on a single charge. This battery lasts for around 4 to 5 hours. To completely charge using any standard power outlet. The Bounce Infinity E1 has a peak speed of 65 kmph, an 0-40 kmph time of 8 seconds, and 83 Nm of torque. There are two riding modes on the e-scooter: Power and Eco. This e-scooter also comes with a 3-year warranty that covers up to 50,000 kilometers.

Charging has always been a big problem

We started by making electric scooters according to India and this has taken us to this position, Vivekananda added. With modest batteries, we've driven more than 20 million kilometers at the battery switching station. Bounce is ready to face any hurdle in order to place India on the map of electric mobility adopters throughout the world." India is at the start of the electric vehicle revolution.

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