Bollywood actors Amitabh and Anushka ride lifts while receiving traffic fines from the police

According to a Mumbai Police spokesman, two motorbike drivers were fined for operating their vehicles without helmets while providing rides for Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Anushka Sharma on city streets.

According to a senior police official, “Amitabh and Anushka both have been fined through their riders for bike rides without helmets on Mumbai roads.” He said that the fines were levied as a result of social media users pointing out that the motorcyclists had disregarded the law's requirement that they wear helmets in the two distinct events.

The Mumbai Traffic Police posted copies of the challans issued on Tuesday against the drivers of both vehicles on its Twitter account.

Actress Anushka Sharma was recently spotted riding as the passenger on a motorbike without a helmet. Netizens criticized it, and some users tagged the videos on the Mumbai Police's Twitter account to bring it to their attention.

The police took notice of it and issued a challan against the driver of the vehicle along with a Rs10,500 punishment, the source said.

Mumbai Traffic Police tweeted a copy of the challan along with the statement, Challan has been issued under Sec 129/194(D), Sec 5/180 & Sec 3(1)181 MV Act to the driver along with a fine of Rs10,500 and been paid by the offender.

A few days ago, megastar Amitabh Bachchan was also spotted riding a motorbike through the city's traffic. The cyclists could be seen sans helmets in the photos he posted of the ride on social media.

The Mumbai Police claimed they had informed the traffic branch of the rider and actor's lack of helmet use after netizens called attention to it.

Late Tuesday night, the traffic police tweeted, Challan has been issued under section 129/194(D) of the MV Act along with a fine of Rs1,000, and it has been paid by the offender.

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