Bajaj Blade Trademark Application Filed - New Electric Scooter?

With an eye on the future, Bajaj is currently developing a number of innovative items.

Evidence of this may be found in the company's latest trademark applications. Two applications for Pulsar Elan and Pulsar Eleganz were filed in March. Another name, 'Bajaj Blade,' has now emerged, which was also registered in March. While the name Pulsar Eleganz has been authorized, the names Pulsar Elan and Bajaj Blade are still for clearance.

Electric scooter Bajaj Blade?

Bajaj Blade's trademark application has been submitted in Class 12. This makes correct guessing difficult because this class encompasses everything from motorcycles to scooters, electric vehicles, and three wheelers.

According to recent developments, Bajaj's key focus will be its Pulsar motorbikes and electric two-wheelers. The firm is actively upgrading its Pulsar line and introducing several new models. Another key area is electric two-wheelers, which is where the Bajaj Blade appears to slot in best.

As previously stated, the business utilized the Bajaj Blade moniker to demonstrate a 125cc motorcycle at the 2006 Auto Expo. This raises the likelihood that the Bajaj Blade is a modernized version of the previous Blade scooter. The Bajaj Blade electric scooter is believed to have sportier appearance and be aimed at younger consumers. It will be distinct from Chetak, which has a traditional, old-school throwback appearance and feel.

Interestingly, Mahindra Two Wheelers owns the name Blade. Bajaj sought for the Blade trademark in 2006 as well, but it was denied. They have applied again for 2022. While the trademark application has been submitted, it is unclear when the Bajaj Blade will be seen in person. If it's an electric scooter, it won't be available until 2023 or even 2024.

Bajaj might outfit the Blade electric scooter with a bigger battery pack and greater capacity motor to cater to youthful riders who value style and performance. This would imply even higher prices than the Chetak, which is currently among the most expensive electric two-wheelers in the country. In Delhi, the Chetak ex-showroom pricing is presently Rs 1.48 lakh.

Commuter bike Bajaj Blade?

Even while the Bajaj Blade is more likely to be an electric scooter, a new commuter bike cannot be ruled out entirely. One of the key reasons is that Bajaj has said that its electric vehicles would be marketed as Chetak rather than Bajaj. Given that the trademark is Bajaj Blade, it seems unlikely that this is an electric car.

In the domestic market, Bajaj presently sells Platina and CT commuter motorcycles, which are among the most cheap in this sector. These are still generating constant revenue for the organization. With sales of 5,75,847 units, Platina was listed among the top ten bestselling two-wheelers in Fiscal Year (FY) 2022.

Despite the fact that the motorcycles have been updated on a regular basis, Bajaj's commuter range appears stale. A shiny new commuter bike can invigorate sales even more. Bajaj used to call its commuter motorcycles things like the XCD 125, Wind 125, and Byk. Because the name 'Blade' is also unusual, it may be a new commuter bike from Bajaj.

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