After an accident, a bike rider was carried for half a kilometer on a car's bonnet in Delhi.

According to the police, on Sunday, a bicycle was struck by a car, causing the rider to fall onto the bonnet and be transported for approximately half a km. At the Kasturba Gandhi Marg in Lutyens Delhi, the incident took place.

According to the charges, the SUV struck the motorcycle, causing the rider to fall to the SUV's hood. However, the driver of the car continued to drive while the man was perched on the bonnet.

The suspected driver fled the scene after leaving the victim on the road after travelling for around half a km. According to the authorities, Deepanshu Verma has been identified as the deceased.

According to the police, the motorbike was driven by Mukul Verma, 20, and Deepanshu Verma, 30. Mukul and Deepanshu lived in Shastri Park and Gandhi Nagar, respectively.

After the collision, Deepanshu landed on the bonnet and was dragged behind the car while Mukul fell there and then.

Harneet Singh Chawla has been identified as the accused driver, and the police have taken him into custody. Additionally, his (Sports Utility Vehicle) SUV was seized. The case is being looked into further.

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