The Top 7 Car Upgrades You Can Make Without Breaking the Law

Legal Car Modifications

The Indian Supreme Court has prohibited the modification of four-wheelers. The top court cites public and private safety as reasons for the restriction, and it also notes instances when people have gone too far with their modifications and jeopardize both. Here are five alterations that, nevertheless, are not regarded as such.

It's perilous to work in the aftermarket, often known as the modification industry, especially with autos. According to Section 52 of The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, no owner of a motorbike may make changes to the motorcycle that go beyond what was "originally specified by the manufacturer".

As a result, even something as basic as dark-tinted glass is prohibited, just as riding without a helmet; in both instances, the owner may be subject to a fine or punishment. Here are five auto changes you can make without worrying about breaking the law, though.

Wheel covers

The standard model of entry-level hatchbacks, sedans, etc. still has wheel hubs that cover the steel wheel, despite the fact that the majority of automobiles now have alloy wheels. These wheel bubs are replaceable, or better yet, you can convert the pairs for alloy alternatives that will give you spoilt for choice in the aftermarket. But be cautious to only purchase these aftermarket alloys from trusted manufacturers.

Fresh bulbs

Eventually, light bulbs will also be totally phased away, as is the case with other features. Although most automakers now equip their vehicles with LED ( light-emitting diode) lamps, several models' base trims still have halogen bulbs. Therefore, you can modify them and won't even receive a punishment if you believe the brightness of the latter isn't noticeable enough.

Newest tires

A car's behavior and driving style are radically changed by this adjustment. In general, there are two types of individuals who change their wheels: those who do it only for aesthetic reasons and to stand out in a crowd, and those who do so in an effort to increase their cars' performance through improved cornering. Simply verify the wheel size, diameter, and speeds you can utilized with the wheel if you wish to change your bike. All of this information is located on the wheels' sides.


No one will object if you go chrome nuts with your automobile. According to the Supreme Court, alterations shouldn't be made to the point that the vehicle is no longer recognizable . Therefore, be careful not to go overboard when adding chrome to your vehicle.

Roof, Black Paint, and Alloys

The majority of car manufacturers have introduced their vehicles with this change. The best examples of two automobiles with black roof designs in the form of dual-tone paint options are the i20 and the Verna. Your single-toned colour automobile may also be painted the same way; all you need is a wrap or some spray paint.

PPF paint

A modification made to your car's external paint is called PPF (Paint Protection Film). The automobiles are often covered in a thin coating that prolongs the life of the paint. If you have purchased a new automobile, you need to wrap it with PPF right away. This alteration is completely legal and hardly detectable.

Fresh Color

As long as the vehicle's registration certificate has been updated, changing the car's colour scheme is acceptable in India. Do you have any more adjustment concepts that would be acceptable to the law? Comment below and let us know.

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