The information for driving permits and RCs is now available on WhatsApp.

The Chhattisgarh transport department has launched a new system to provide data on registration certificates and driving licences issued throughout the state, according to Raipur.

Through the social media platform Whatsapp, the general public may quickly access all the crucial information pertaining to vehicle registration and driving licenses as part of the Tunhar Sarkar, Tunhar Dwar initiative.

According to a government press release, Under the new system, vehicle owners will receive (Registration Certificate) RC-license number, tracking number, name of the applicant, date of RC-license issuance, and dispatch through WhatsApp message.

Dipanshu Kabra, the transport commissioner, stated that previously, only an SMS with the RC-license number and the tracking number was sent to the applicants.

The name was not even mentioned. However, the (Regional Transport Office) RTO will now provide detailed notifications to applicants over WhatsApp as well. Now, from anywhere in the world, applicants can download their RC license online through the Parivahan website, he said.

The applicant may submit a complaint by calling the helpdesk number 75808 08030 if the RC is not received through fast post within a week of printing.

The state government introduced the Tunhar Sarkar Tunhar Duar initiative on June 1, 2021, for the benefit of the populace and to establish a hassle-free way for completing tasks relating to the transport department.

A total of 22 transportation-related services are available to the general public right at their doorstep in order to save them time and money.

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