Seat belt alarm stoppers and fake seat belt clips are prohibited from sale on online marketplaces: Details

More than 16,000 people will die in road accidents in India in 2021 as a result of not wearing a seat belt, according to MoRTH data. Despite manufacturers providing seat belt alarm systems that warn passengers when the safety equipment are not in use, many drivers and passengers still choose not to use the safety gear. The situation is made worse by the widespread sale of phoney seat belt clips and seat belt alarm stoppers that disable the built-in alarm system of the car.

The top five Indian e-commerce platforms have been ordered to stop selling any seat belt alarm stopper clips because they endanger the lives and safety of their customers, according to the Central Consumer Protection Authority's (CCPA) most recent orders. Additionally, the sale of these fraudulent seat belt clips is a clear violation of the 2019 Consumer Protection Act. After highlighting the obvious sale of these gadgets on e-commerce platforms and requesting action against it, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) issued the order.

The five e-commerce platforms have since submitted compliance reports in response to the CCPA regulation. As a result, 13,118 allegedly phoney seat belts or seat belt alarm stoppers that were listed on these platforms have been taken down. Aside from the apparent danger to life, using such seat belt alarm stoppers might result in consumers' claims for compensation under their auto insurance policy being denied. If proof of false seat belt clips is found, insurance claims may be rejected by the firm with an explanation of the claimant's fault.

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