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The number of automobiles has grown at an exponential rate. This 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, or 4-wheeler vehicles emit the most pollution. Despite the fact that the issue receives attention from time to time, the global pollution index continues to rise.

As a result, as an essential member of society, you can obtain a pollution-control certificate for our automobiles from the government. However, before applying, you should learn more about the PUC Certificate (also known as the "pollution under control" certificate).

Furthermore, The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) now requires that you have a valid pollution under control" certificate (PUC)certificate in order to renew your vehicle insurance coverage.

What is the meaning of a Pollution Under Control Certificate for Vehicle ?

A Pollution Under Control Certificate certifies that your vehicle's emissions are under control and meet pollution standards. It is a government-issued official document that is issued after a comprehensive examination of the vehicle's emission levels.

A Pollution Under Control Certificate, like a motor insurance policy, registration certificate, and driving license is now required to carry when driving under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Why is a Pollution Under Control Certificate required?

As a validation, a PUC certificate is necessary. It certifies that you are legally permitted to use the car on the road. The PUC Certificate verifies the proportion of carbon emissions, or the quantity of pollution to which your vehicle may contribute

Is it required to hold a Pollution Under Control Certificate?

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates the possession of a PUC Certificate by the Government of India. If your car lacks a valid certificate, you will be fined Rs 1000 (and Rs. 2000 for each successive infraction!)

Furthermore, the IRDAI requires a valid PUC certificate in order to renew your vehicle insurance coverage.

As a result, a PUC certificate is a vital document that you should keep with you at all times when driving your vehicle.

What is the PUC Certificate's content?

Your PUC certificate for a car or bike will include information such as:

  1. The PUC Certificate's serial number. It is useful to keep track of when your car last passed a test.
  2. The vehicle's registration number.
  3. The date of the PUC examination.
  4. The PUC test's expiration date.
  5. The result of the PUC exam

Which vehicles are required to get a PUC Certificate?

All motor vehicles operating on Indian highways must have a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate. The PUC certificate is required to carry when driving under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Do you need a PUC Certificate for Car?

Yes, you need a Pollution Under Control Certificate for cars. Under the PUC test, your car should meet the following criteria. Otherwise, the use of your car will be prohibited.

Year of Manufacturing of Car

% of Carbon Mono-oxide

Hydrocarbon measured in PPM

4 Wheeler manufactured according to Pre Bharat Stage II Norms



4 Wheeler manufactured according to Pre Bharat Stage II and Subsequent Norms



Is a PUC Certificate required for a Bike?

Yes, a PUC certificate is required for your bike. It is a required document for you to carry. Your bike test should fulfil the following conditions if you want to ride it without worry.

Year of Manufacturing of Bike

% of Carbon Mono-oxide

Hydrocarbon measured in PPM

2 Wheeler (2/4 stroke) manufactured before 31st March 2000



2 Wheeler 2 stroke manufactured after 31st March 2000



2 Wheeler 4 Stroke manufactured after 31st March 2000



What is the PUC Examination Procedure?

The following is the method for obtaining PUC:

  1. If the car is brand new, the PUC certificate will be arranged by the dealership.
  2. You must take your car to any authorized gas station to renew it.
  3. They will scan the ejection pipe to determine the rate of emission.
  4. After you pay the fees, you will be given a certificate.

How much does a PUC certificate cost and how long does it last?

You are probably aware that taking a PUC test is critical. While driving, you must have the certificate with you, either in soft or hard form. However, it is equally critical that you understand the legitimacy and expense of PUC.

  • The PUC Certificate for a new automobile or motorcycle is good for one year. The certificate will be renewed on a regular basis.
  • The renewed certificate is valid for 6 months for both vehicles and motorcycles. If the reading is negative, the certificate's validity will be determined by the reading.

The fee for obtaining the Pollution Under Control Certificate is between Rs.60/- and Rs.100/-. The cost is also affected by the type of fuel used.

What are the Consequences of Failure to Obtain a PUC Certificate?

  • You will be fined if you do not have a PUC Certificate, just as you would if you did not have a motor insurance coverage. And if you do, you will be prosecuted under Section 190 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act.
  • A fine of Rs.1000/- will be levied in addition for the first offence. If you do it again, you will have to pay a fine of Rs.2000/-.
  • It's not always about the monetary penalty! It is for the benefit of our ecosystem and mother planet. Let us not ruin it any more!

What are the advantages of obtaining a PUC Certificate?

  1. You will be concerned about the environment :
  2. Air pollution may have a terrible influence on the global ecology, so by keeping your car emissions under the legal limits, you'll be helping to keep the environment clean.

  3. Keep an eye on the condition of your car :
  4. When you renew your PUC certificate every 6 months, you will become aware of your vehicle's pollution levels and whether it needs service, allowing you to get it examined before it becomes a major problem.

  5. Making certain that you are a law-abiding person :
  6. The Government of India requires a PUC Certificate under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, and failure to get one may result in fines.

  7. It is required for all Motor Vehicle Insurance :
  8. A valid PUC Certificate is one of the documents required to renew your automobile insurance.

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