How can e-challans be checked for status? Follow these basic guidelines.

Challans are now generated automatically thanks to CCTV. Here's how to make sure you haven't received an e-challan.

Vehicles that disregard traffic laws, such as those governing zebra crossings or traffic lights, are being e-challan with the use of CCTV cameras, and drivers aren't even aware of it. Many motorists may be unwittingly violating traffic laws and may even be unaware that they have been issued an e-challan. It is essential to examine and complete e-challans online in order to prevent any potential problems. This is the procedure.

How to look up an e-challan's status

  1. Visit the e-challan website to check your e-challan. You must select Challan Details here.

  2. In the window that displays, continue by entering the challan number, automobile number, or driving license number.

  3. If you choose to enter the vehicle number, you must also include the vehicle's chassis or engine number.

  4. After successfully completing the captcha, you will then obtain the e-challan details.

Online e-challan filling procedure

  1. Visit the e-challan website to complete the online e-challan.

  2. Here you have the choice to pay online here. For payment, click here.

  3. There will now be a form with challan details. Choose the option that is most convenient for you when entering a Challan Number, Vehicle Number, or DL (driver's license)Number in this form.

  4. Once that is done, you can make an online e-payment using a credit card, debit card, net banking, or UPI. 

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