Upgrading Kia Carens MPVs: Base Trim to Top End Transformation

The Kia Carens has gained popularity in India as a popular MPV, known for its distinctive exterior design and feature-rich top-tier variants. Nevertheless, its base model lacked many of these features, prompting modifications to mimic the higher-end versions. Recently, a video showing two such modified Kia Carens models has surfaced online, showcasing the effect of aftermarket enhancements.

Vig Auto Accessories has shared a video on its YouTube channel, in which the base variant Kia Carens has been given the same look as the premium variant. The video begins with the presenter highlighting the exclusivity of this presentation, which aims to showcase key accessories for the Premium, Prestige and Prestige Plus variants of the Kia Carens. This is followed by details of the modifications implemented on the side profile of the base variant.

The absence of alloy wheels on the base variant has been addressed by installing genuine Kia diamond-cut alloy wheels from the Luxury Line variant. A high-gloss black paint protection film has been added to the upper body as well as the window sill and lower window, further enhancing its exclusivity.

Moving to the front, the modifications have been listed, starting with the introduction of high-performance Osram CBI Pro LED projector headlamps and aftermarket CBI LED DRLs. These changes contribute to a higher-end appearance. The interior takes center stage as the presenter unveils a complete makeover. The high-gloss black dashboard has been replaced with a genuine Kia part from the top-spec variant, providing a premium touch. A D-cut custom leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control (absent in the base variant), and soft leatherette seat covers matching the interior have been added.

In continuation, another base variant, the Kia Carens, has been showcased as the X-Line model. This edition featured unique X-Line diamond-cut alloys, Osram LED headlights, window visors and various accessories. Interior enhancements, including a leather-wrapped steering wheel and colour-matched seat covers, complete the change.

In essence, the video showcases the potential of aftermarket modifications to raise the base variant Kia Carens models to the level of their higher-end counterparts, thereby creating a distinctive and customized driving experience.

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