To prevent battery fires, the EV charging organization offers black box type technologies.

The Charge Point Operators Society (CPOS) of India has advised installing a black box system in Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries to record any incidences that result in EV fires.

CPOS is an industry organization that represents EV charging station businesses. It claims to have 21 members and around 3000 EV charging stations. On Monday, members of the organization also agreed to install 4000 to 5000 EV chargers as part of a trial initiative in 2000 places around Central Delhi.

Battery replacement and charging infrastructure safety suggestions have been made. They adhere to Niti Aayog's proposed battery switching scheme.

"Battery monitoring systems should also have a black box function to record the underlying cause of failure or fire to reduce post-incident investigations," according to CPOS. This is done to aid in the identification of battery failures, volatile thermal behavior, and related dangers.

It has also been recommended to make e-sim or data connectivity essential in order to monitor the daily behavioral data of the EV battery.

CPOS has also suggested that battery performance and recall be made obligatory. Furthermore, consumers must be kept up to date in real time on the state of the batteries they are exchanging and the hazards connected with EVs.

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