Snag Delays License Tests for 3,000

More than 3 000 individuals in Gujarat faced disappointment as technical glitches forced the cancellation of their two-wheeler and light motor vehicle (LMV) license tests.

The problem arose due to connectivity issues between the central Sarathi server hosted at the National Informatics Centre (NIC) and the local software used in Gujarat. This setback halted all driving tests since March 16 inconveniencing applicants across the state.

Each of the 20-odd Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in Gujarat typically schedules around 150 appointments daily. In Ahmedabad alone where Subhash Bridge RTO conducts approximately 300 tests daily and Vastral RTO adds another 250 slots the disruption has been significant. In Surat around 2 000 tests were rescheduled over eight days.

Transport officials explained that although the Sarathi software utilized nationwide for bookings and scheduling underwent an upgrade Gujarat authorities were not informed. Consequently the system malfunctioned causing all tests to be canceled post-upgrade.

An official elaborated that the central database failed to transmit information to Gujarat preventing test results from being uploaded. Despite attempts to address the issue with NIC clarity regarding the system changes remains elusive.

Applicants expressed frustration over the lack of communication regarding the snag with many having their tests rescheduled multiple times. The uncertainty surrounding future test dates compounded their inconvenience.

Officials assured that efforts are underway to restore connectivity between the Sarathi server and local software. However a definitive timeline for resolution remains unclear. This incident underscores the importance of better coordination between central and state authorities to prevent such disruptions in the future.

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