RTO Gears Up for Lok Sabha Polls in Prayagraj.

As the election process is picking up for the two Lok Sabha seats of the district-Allahabad and Phulpur-the district administration and the regional transport office (RTO) have started the process of procuring vehicles needed for election duty.

The district administration would be needing around 1200 heavy vehicles including buses/trucks for the polling staff along with around 1400 four-wheelers including jeeps and cars for police and district administration officials.

The two Lok Sabha seats of Prayagraj will go for polls on May 25.To meet this demand, Prayagraj RTO has sent a letter to vehicle owners through district police, mentioning a date on which the vehicle owners will have to come along with their vehicles that will be used for the elections. The administration has fixed a certain amount of money that will be paid to these vehicle owners for providing their vehicle for election work which ranges from Rs 1697 to Rs 2510 for buses, Rs 1572 to Rs 2140 for trucks, Rs 537 for tractor and Rs 1264 to Rs 2140 for jeep/car etc, ARTO (administration) Rajeev Chaturvedi told TOI. However, the RTO is flooded with applications from vehicle owners requesting to exempt their vehicles stating that they're unfit to run on the roads.

The vehicle can be exempted from poll duty only after valid reasons. But at the same time, strict action will be taken against vehicle owners if they give false excuses or show any callous attitude in providing their vehicle for the national cause, said Chaturvedi.

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