Pune RTO urges reporting of private vehicle overcharging.

The Regional Transport Officer (RTO) in Pune is encouraging citizens to lodge complaints against private contracted licensed vehicles that charge fares more than 50% of the prescribed rate, especially if the fare exceeds Rs 50 for the entire bus journey. To facilitate this, individuals can lodge complaints through email at rto.12-mh@gov.in.

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has established fare rates for various bus categories within the public transport sector, and private contracted licensed vehicles are authorized to charge per kilometer fare based on these rates. The government has set the maximum fare rate through an order issued on April 27, 2018, which states that the fare should not exceed 50% of the specified rate.

However, there have been cases of private passenger buses arbitrarily increasing fares, especially during festive and peak seasons, causing inconvenience to passengers. In response to these complaints, the government is taking strict action against private travel operators and buses violating the fixed fare rates per passenger. Private bus owners and drivers are obliged to adhere to ticket prices set by established regulations.

As Ganeshotsav and festive season begins, citizens are advised to contact the Regional Transport Office on 020-26058080 or 26058090 during office hours or lodge a complaint through email at rto.12-mh@gov.in. The initiative aims to ensure fair and reasonable fares for passengers and prevent overcharging by private vehicles, especially during periods of high demand.

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