Pune RTO fines Ola and Uber drivers for license issues.

The Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) has taken firm action against Ola and Uber cab drivers issuing hefty fines and detaining several drivers for continuing services without permission from the Regional Transport Authority (RTA).

After the RTA denied permission to Ola and Uber the State Transport Tribunal cracked down on cab drivers associated with these apps. Some drivers were detained facing fines of up to Rs. 18 000.

This sudden enforcement led to chaos at Pune Airport with around 50 RTO officials conducting overnight raids. Reports of visible cars resulting in immediate fines sparked the crackdown causing inconvenience for late-night flight arrivals. The closure of the Ola Uber office in Aero Mall's second floor worsened the situation.

Due to compliance issues the RTA refused licenses to Uber India Systems Pvt. Ltd and Ola's parent company ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Cases under Section 93 of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) will be sent directly to court as no provision allows for compounding fees to be recovered.

Initially announcing a crackdown RTO officials later stated that no action would be taken against Ola and Uber cab drivers until mid-April. This decision provides companies time to appeal before the state transport appellate tribunal.

Under the order of the district collector the Pune Regional Transport Authority has strictly banned Ola and Uber operations in Pune City Pimpri-Chinchwad and Baramati. Although Ola and Uber applied for licenses under the Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines Act 2020 their applications remained pending since December 2023. Upon review it was found that the companies did not fully comply with the Act's rules leading to the denial of permission to operate.

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