Ola customers protest for the closure of a service center.

Leading electric two-wheeler brand Ola Electric is once again in the headlines. Ola has been facing many problems since the launch of its products. Initially, their scooters were plagued with software issues, which were addressed with software updates over time to enhance the overall user experience. Earlier this year, they introduced the S1 Air, a more affordable version of the Ola scooter, which also faced some challenges. Videos of customers expressing dissatisfaction over Ola's after-sales service have surfaced online. In one instance in Madhya Pradesh, customers protested in front of an Ola showroom demanding closure of the service center due to poor service.

In the video, a vlogger highlights the problems faced by Ola scooter customers and shares audio clips of customers stranded on the road after the scooter malfunctions. The video also shows the broken rear suspension of the Ola electric scooter, which has caused damage to the underseat storage.

The main issue revolves around an Ola Electric dealership in Madhya Pradesh that offered festive season deals to new scooter buyers while ignoring service requests from existing customers. Many customers have filed complaints online months ago and have not received any response yet. Frustrated customers report that the customer service center disconnects their calls when they seek assistance.

Customers have spoken to dealership staff, who claim that they are solely responsible for selling the scooter and not for handling service and issues. They direct customers to report problems online. In response to this negligence, disgruntled customers have gathered outside the dealership and are protesting against the irresponsible behavior of Ola and the dealership, with some even demanding the closure of the dealership.

This is not the first time such news has come to light. Several months ago, Ola electric scooter owners in Maharashtra came together to express their dissatisfaction and demanded better service, which ultimately led to the closure of the dealership due to poor service. Initially, Ola had planned to sell its scooters directly to customers without setting up physical stores or dealerships, but later adjusted this strategy after facing difficulties. Ola then set up dealerships or experience zones in different parts of the country.

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