Nitin Gadkari Announces Ban on Petrol Cars

Union Minister of Roads and Transport Nitin Gadkari has been actively advocating for the adoption of alternative fuel sources in India. Just last month we reported his plans to decrease taxes on hybrid vehicles to stimulate their usage. However his recent statement might unsettle petrol and diesel car enthusiasts. It's important to note that this is not an April Fools' joke. So what exactly did Nitin Gadkari say? Let's delve into the discussion about the potential ban on petrol and diesel cars.

In an interview with PTI Nitin Gadkari revealed his vision to eliminate all petrol and diesel cars in the country. Although he couldn't provide a specific timeline for this transition he emphasized its difficulty yet feasibility. He highlighted the growing openness among people towards alternative options. The Union Minister also mentioned companies like Bajaj TVS and Hero planning to manufacture motorcycles with flex fuels as well as the introduction of hydrogen-powered cars by Tata and Ashok Leyland along with trucks running on LNG/CNG.

Last month Nitin Gadkari suggested reducing taxes on hybrid cars to encourage their adoption. He argued that the current 43% tax rate (comprising 28% GST + Cess) on hybrids is unfair considering hybrids while not as clean as EVs are still better for the environment compared to traditional ICE engines. Furthermore he urged the finance minister to address this issue at the upcoming GST council meeting proposing a reduction in GST to 12% to enhance the affordability of hybrid vehicles.

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