Nashik RTO Discovers Violations by Over Half of Private Bus Operators

Nearly 53% of private bus operators in Nashik city have been found violating one or more transport rules, according to a special drive conducted by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). The drive, conducted between April 1 and September 30, 2023, saw 3,753 buses checked, out of which 1,998 buses were found violating traffic rules and regulations.

The violations included issues such as improperly functioning reflectors and indicators, absence of fire fighting equipment and lack of speed governor. Most of the violations (more than 70%) were related to neglect of minor issues like indicators, reflectors, wipers, lights etc.

Some bus operators were also found without mandatory fitness certificates or did not pay annual tax. Cases of clandestine transportation of additional passengers and non-functioning emergency exit doors were also noted.

The campaign was launched in response to a series of accidents involving private transport buses in the state, with the aim of ensuring that the buses follow safety and traffic norms.

RTO officials stressed that carelessness on small things can lead to major accidents. Apart from imposing fines, the presence of RTO inspectors on state and national highways acts as a deterrent to operators violating traffic rules.

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