Narmadapuram RTO cracks down on 145 vehicles lacking HSRP.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Narmadapuram has been actively issuing fines to vehicles lacking High Security Registration Plates (HSRP), as mandated by the directives from the High Court. All types of small and large vehicles operating in the Narmadapuram district are required to have HSRP installed.

In adherence to the High Court guidelines, the RTO has consistently imposed fines on vehicle owners found without HSRP. Recently, 145 vehicles were identified without the mandatory plates, resulting in fines amounting to Rs 72,500, as confirmed by Nisha Chauhan from the RTO.

Chauhan emphasized that, in accordance with the High Court's directives, all vehicles registered before April 1, 2019, are obligated to have HSRP plates installed.

During a divisional-level meeting at the BJP district office in Narmadapuram, Deputy Chief Minister Rajendra Shukla expressed confidence in BJP's significant victory in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Shukla credited PM Modi for successful initiatives such as the removal of Article 370 and the construction of the Ram Temple, projects previously deemed impossible.

Addressing the possibility of former Chief Minister Kamal Nath joining the BJP, Shukla stated that the BJP's doors were open to those committed to India's progress. Regarding the Harda incident, Shukla assured that CM Mohan Yadav had affirmed that the perpetrators would face punishment. The meeting was attended by MLA from Hoshangabad Dr. Sitasaran Sharma, Sohagpur MLA Thakur Vijay Pal, BJP Mahila Morcha state president Maya Naroliya, and district president Madhavdas Agrawal.

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