Mangaluru faces ongoing smart card shortage three months after vehicle purchase.

Many individuals are still waiting for their smart cards, even three months after receiving their new vehicles. The prolonged delay in the Regional Transport Office's (RTO) issuance of smart cards has resulted in a significant backlog in distributing Registration Certificates (RCs) over the past few months.

Customers who recently purchased vehicles are facing frustration as they await the issuance of their RC and Driver's License (DL) smart cards. Unfortunately, obtaining accurate information about the delay proves challenging, with conflicting statements from RTO officials.

The responsibility for producing smart cards for Karnataka RTO offices is outsourced to the private company Rosmata. Complications with the software transfer have caused issues in the smart card delivery process. Delays in printing occur when proper information is unavailable for certain smart cards.

While some customers receive mobile notifications indicating the dispatch of their smart cards, they do not actually receive the cards. Upon checking the website, they often discover that records for such deliveries are unavailable.

For goods vehicles, especially those in public transport, the RC is crucial. Without the RC, the RTO does not issue permits or Fitness Certificates (FC), causing significant inconvenience.

Yogish, the state transport commissioner, has acknowledged the smart card issue, stating that efforts are underway to resolve it. He mentioned that such issues arise once or twice a year, and the department typically resolves them promptly.

Sridhar Mallad, Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) in Mangaluru, provided an update on the situation, stating, Smart card distribution is pending for 5700 people. Most of the smart cards are in the process of being prepared, and the issue will be completely resolved in the next couple of weeks.

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